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Welcome to vitality integrative medicine

We are a professional clinical practice focused on “treating the person, not just the disease”.

Here, Board-Certified, Advanced Fellow and Licensed Pharmacist Tara Maltman-Just, B.Sc.(Pharm.), RPh, ABAAHP, FAARFM, brings her passion for patient care and her extensive training in the field of Integrative Medicine to help people live better, more balanced lives.

Our approach is personalized - including prescriptions, natural health products, nutrition and/or life strategies - and designed for you, considering your biochemical individuality and personal goals for optimal health.

As a patient of vitality integrative medicine, you can expect to feel valued, listened to and cared for.

Our mission and founding principles are at the root of every interaction.  And what we promise, we deliver. 

Our mission is to deliver excellence in:

1. Comprehensive Health Consultations

2. Integrative Medicine

3. Personalized Therapeutic Planning

At vitality integrative medicine, you will experience the care you need, and the care you deserve.

We're all at different seasons in our life.
Like trees in a forest, we need the right foundation and the right formula to grow and flourish.
Regardless of what season you're in, you can improve your health and life today...

With a focus on treating the person, and not the disease, I'll work closely with you to uncover your unique biochemical background and provide you with personalized strategies for success.

In doing so, I hope to enable you to 'find your limits, then exceed them' and embrace your unique vision for vitality!

Toward Optimal Health,

Tara Maltman-Just, RPh, ABAAHP, FAARFM

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Deb's Story:
Adrenal Dysfunction &
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Treating the Underlying Cause, not just masking the symptoms

Deb's Story is special,
but she is not alone...

In fact, Deborah H. Goodfellow felt so strongly about how she overcame her 30-year health struggle and found true wellness that she wrote a book to inspire others. 

Tara Maltman-Just, RPh ABAAHP FAARFM is honoured to have authored the Foreword, and assisted Deb throughout her health journey.


 Sandra's Story:

Overcoming Arthritis

Success in a Simple Step

Harriet's Story:

Thyroid Issues & Healing Hashimoto's 

"Normal" Labs do not always mean Optimal Function


Anne & Troy's Story:

Autism & Digestion

The Gut-Immune-Brain Connection

Ashley's Story:


Treating the Person, not just the disease


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